About Us

Lazy Pi Farm is a fiber and yarn business run by me, Jules Cox, out of my home in Mansfield, Texas. I have Shetland sheep, 2 wonderful donkeys and a bunch of chickens. From the sheep, I sell raw fleeces, roving and yarn. In the spring, I sometimes have lambs for sale, and chicks are for sale sporadically throughout the year. My breeding goals for my flock are to produce hardy, thrifty sheep with fine fleeces that are a joy to handspin, who have outstanding conformation, usually have twin lambs and produce plenty of milk for said lambs. I have some interesting genetics and old bloodlines in my flock, too.

I am a database administrator by day, which funds my farming addiction, and I have two small children. I am interested in homesteading, not only because OMG I CAN MAKE MY OWN YOGURT AND FEEL LIKE A BADASS, but because I have an insane fear of zombies (“phobia” = not logical or reasonable).  I am also a writer, in all my spare time (HAHAHA); most of my work has been for Circlet Press, and the details about that can be found on the “Fiction by Julie Cox” page.

Drop me a line if you would like to know more about aspects of my animals, farm, fiber business or whatever! lazypifarm@gmail.com


  1. Alrlene says

    Hi Julie, I live west of Grapevine and was a customer of Mea Stone before she moved. I took a spinning class from Mary Barry @ the Ark. Fiber Festival in Dec. I knit, crochet, and a beginner spinner & weaver. I was wondering if you give spinning lessons or would consider doing so? Would love to hear from you. Love your blog . Send me an email or call me
    Arlene Rachels-Armstrong 817-832-9642

    • Hi! I thought I had replied to you, or emailed, but while I am messing with comments, I thought I would say again – yes I do, I an in the south part of dfw, happy to chat with you about spinning!

  2. Aja Stover Mendoza says

    Hi Julie, I have been looking for a farm with sheep, goats, and etc. to volunteer, so I can gain experience in taking care of them before going full blown on my newly acquired piece of farm just east of Dallas I can call my own :) I have ‘long time ago’ experience with horses and with small animals (a.k.a. chickens, a goat, and rabbits, which multiplied waayyy too fast for anyone’s liking, haha), just to let you know I am not a sissy ;) My husband is ready for me to get this started, but I want to go into this with confidence that I am giving the best care I can provided to these beauties. Would you be interested in having me?? I would love to at least chat with you about it! Just shoot me an email or text me. My name is Aja 469-407-8424

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  5. Cindy Kell says

    I have left numerous messages on Etsy about my order with no replies. Can you please email me?

  6. Paige Rodgers says

    Hey Jules,
    This is your next door neighbor. I have a goat in my yard and went by your house but no one is home. Didn’t have your number so thought I’d try here.
    Sincerely, Paige

    • Oh dear! My # is 972-890-4592. I cannot get home until 6:30, unfortunately. If you can send me a picture, I can tell you if it’s one of mine or a visitor from farther off.

  7. Kelly Wong says

    Hi Jules, my name is Kelly and about a year ago we got hatching eggs from you. We had some beautiful chicks and are looking to hatch again. Do you have any fertile eggs by chance?

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