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The Lambs Grow Up

We (tragically) did not have any lambs born this year, but we still had babies growing up! Bridghu and Morag were awkward preteens when we purchased them last December, and wethers Orion and Comet came to the farm a month or so ago directly from their mother’s side.

But how big they’ve gotten now! Morag especially has grown from an adorable, dorky lamb into a respectable lady – though she’s still the goofiest sheep of the flock, as I am reminded just about every time I go out to give treats. She will cozy up to me, nibbling grain out of my hand, then suddenly remembers that she is a spaz, and goes bounding off in the opposite direction, usually colliding with other sheep as she goes. But look at her striking a regal pose!

These days the sheep spend most of their time dozing under a tangle of grapevine and briar, a nice, cool alley along the fence. But with some encouragement, they will get out and pasture-dance. Here is Morag, Bridghu and … uh … either Comet or Orion (they’re almost identical) showing off their bounding skills! *sniff* My babies are so big!

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