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New Sheep, Bonnie!

We picked up a new ewe lamb, about 5 months old give or take a little. Her name is Bonnie. She is mostly Jacob, with a little bit of Rambouillet in her background. She has beautiful dark brown fleece and some neat markings. She has four horns! We are excited about that; a horned ewe is very neat. She should have lovely babies with our ram, Cyrano! We will hold her back for breeding until December, to make sure she is big and mature enough to handling pregnancy.

We put Bonnie in a large dog crate and drove her home in the van. She bleated a LOT! Was not happy with the situation. The kids thought it was hilarious, and they bleated right back at her. For forty minutes. -_- Alas, I did not have earplugs. Back at home, we clipped her hooves before letting her out. She danced back and forth between the goats (who had babies her size) and the sheep (who were sheep.) She was so funny, she kept leaping up in the air with all four legs! We call that lamb popcorn, when they suddenly pop a foot or two into the air. At last she decided it was better to be with adult sheep than baby goats. The ram gave her a half-hearted butt, and that was that. The other ewes are still deciding where in the hierarchy she falls; Bonnie is just glad to be out of the van!

This is a picture of our new sweet little girl, being held still for a second by my lovely husband.

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