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There is no Dignity in Farming

So last week I got “rammed.” This week the Priebes are on vacation, and a very nice young man is looking after the animals. I’ve been going over to milk the goat in the mornings. I have enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Cindy is not the gentlest creature, and she doesn’t much care for my fumbling technique, but we get the job done and it is very rewarding.

I also sheared Ceana this week, and was rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous pale gray fleece with great crimp, not too dirty. Cyrano paced back and forth on the other side of the fence, troubled by what I was doing to his ewe. At one point, he rammed the fence. Alas, I couldn’t let go of the ewe to go around the fence and discipline him, like I did last week.

I have been keeping a close eye on Oatie, my standard paint jenny. She is very round, very irritable, and her udder is bagging up. I expect to see those wax caps on her teats any day now. I love donkey foals, and I can’t wait to meet Oatie’s! We are hoping for a paint jenny, so we won’t have to geld it.

My last task at the farm today was to take pictures of Nevada’s teats. Male goats, like male humans, apparently have nipples. Who knew? I had to take pictures of these things to send to Lisa Shell of Kai Mohair to get Nevada’s papers. Let me tell you, Nevada did not care for me messing around down there with my camera! Ahhh, life on a farm, so full of dignity and repose for the animals and humans …

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