The kids have started school again. With school comes the inevitable last minute “I can’t find my thing” in the morning, no matter how we try to lay stuff out the night before.

Today it was a belt. Cameron’s new pants were too big, and did not have the handy elastic to take it up on the sides. We could not find any of his many belts. So, I grabbed a lead rope from the utility room and tried to tie it on him. He looked down at it trailing on the floor, looked up at me and said, in quiet desperation, “Mama, this isn’t going to work.”

So, the lead rope came off. I was then forced to do something I had been dreading. I gave him one of my belts.

It fit. My belt fit on my eight year old son.

Guys, it’s official. I’m raising a changeling. Cameron is either a giant or a giraffe.

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